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Vitrum 2013, the 18th edition and the 18th Forel presence

"We have lived throughout the history of the event Vitrum, which has grown with the field of flat glass processing machinery, our presence in the exhibition aims to present to national and international attendees our products. Thinking about the past, I see an engaging path, with many sacrifices and courageous decisions that have paid off with satisfactions; the latest editions, instead, have highlighted the market situation which we face daily in the company: an economic stalemate in the Italian and European European markets with a reduction in investment, involving also the construction business and therefore the flat glass processing. In 2013 we consider the market "mature" and consolidated after decades of growth, and based on this analysis, we thought over our presence at the event, what do we want to show our customers this year? Our choice is to focus on our EXCELLENCE and our TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS, this is our response to the moment we are living: we have focused our resources, our extensive experience and our entrepreneurial unconsciousness to introduce new ideas, new SOLUTIONS. We are presenting you the ultimate expression of technological evolution in the composition of energy-efficient windows for the future of your factory. We would like to be at your side to face together the challenges of today and tomorrow." Fortunato Vianello

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