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Forel has a new product to meet the changing and growing needs of the profiles so-called "warm edges." The evolution of these products, almost always made of more than one material , such as steel and plastic, led us to find new solutions and to innovate a technology on which Forel has 25 years of experience. For us, the goal is not simply to give a shape to the frame, with precise dimensions and to do it with excellent cycle times. We do not believe we bend well a corner simply because it seems to us looking "good." With all the profiles, Forel also achieves other important objectives which today determine and define a new standard for the quality of the spacer frame. Let’s start from our corner that has an important feature: on the side of the spacer bending must generate a surface upon which we can draw continuosly two lines >3 mm wide. Only this way the butyl applied here will find adeguate contrast between glass and spacer during the pressing, deforming and perfectly sealing the inner chamber. For this reason we have prepared a small tool, a transparent sheet with which you can make the test, just overlap it to a sample bent 90°. Upon completion of the angle the new profile bender recalibrates its thickness. During the bending process, in fact it is inevitable that the material deforms tending to "grow" a few tenths of a millimeter. For this reason, once realized the corner, we press it bringing the profile back to its initial width. A new continuous drive system increased the productivity up to 180 frames per hour and has helped to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine in length by 2 meters compared to the previous model. A new tool allows you to cut cleanly and precisely different materials without burrs. A completely redesigned stock now allows a facilitated profiles loading, offering a comfortable support surface and easy management of the partially used bars. Let's now talk of a feature never seen before, something truly innovative: the Smart Arm. The new Forel system does not leave the frame swinging freely while bending, a phenomenon that stresses and deforms the freshly made folds and same sides. We block the profile with an exclusive system that supports the frame throughout the process accompanying it until the end of the process, therefore medium and large frames do not collapse or deform anymore due to: the weight, the inertia and the friction. Only this way you can get a spacer frame that meets all the technological features that today's regulations and the market require.

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