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Forel after more than twenty years of experience in this technology, takes another step forward revolutionizing the automatic sealing. The new model, which we present in Vitrum 2013 is an extremely flexible machine as it can be customized according to customer requirements. Forel is in fact able to provide a wide assortment of nozzles for the realization of multiple and varied finishings as second sealing. An example is the spatula of the window offset, or the filling of a very deep cavity with the possibility to decide how much product laying on the bottom. This type of applications require a total and precise control of the sealing process both from the mechanical point of view and from the software, and a long experience on the field. Features whih are today the strength of our Company. Now even two pumping units for two different sealants and with higher flow rates are placed inside the space of the structure and no more obstruct the working area in front of or behind it. The Spatula system for the processing and finishing of corners remains the same. This system, which now distinguishes us, it is not only an aesthetic finish, which could also be done manually by other methods like the sponge. The harmonic steel spatula is placed on the corner before the start of the extrusion process by forcing the sealant to fill all the cavities of the spacer frame, even those which can not be inspected visually. Only at the end, coming back, the spatula makes an aesthetic finish smoothing the product. Another important aspect is the transport system studied by Forel. The drive system of the new sealer is a guarantee of security and reliability as it remains united and compact without ever leaving dangerous gaps below the IG unit. With a single vertical movement are in fact managed: total thickness up to 100 mm, offset up to 100 mm and the max load is as high as 450 kg/m.

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