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Last year, during Vitrum 2011, we have presented the ”Essential” line for flexible spacer. Anticipating the market’s trends, we tried to transmit an important message..

“For machinery manufacturers it is easy to make the mistake of “stripping” its product to sell more. But reducing it to a minimum to make it cheaper can cause unexpected surprises to customers. Even in short term, the market can change the rules, and for customers is very thin  the border between saving and having an incomplete and  unreliable  investment. Forel presents a solution where the real saving is in the heart of the line: a basic flexible spacer applicator, which is a  cutting edge product. This way the economical return is immediate, in terms of labor and investments in equipment to prepare the traditional famer frame, no longer necessary in this configuration. In terms of quality there is the guarantee of Forel’s experience, the automation comes from the top range series.”

The success of this operation pushed us further and this year we will present 3 solutions based on the simplified robot: the “Essential”. The robot carries out in self-learning the application of flexible spacer on square glass with very high quality and precision of placement and corner finishing. The corner execution process is not to be underestimated, and this machine uses the same technology of the top range series. The punching tools must be very accurate to incise the spacer without damaging the thin multilayer barrier on the external part of the spacer, and the excess material must be removed to allow the completion of the operation.

Further to the spacer application, we have automated, with simple ideas, also the glass coupling, presenting in Glasstec 2012 3 innovative solutions which allow to realize, vertically, in little space and completely automatically an IG unit with the flexible spacer technology: COMPACT, COMPACT  PLUS and  COMPACT PREMIUM series. All the 3 series offer the automatic flexible spacer application, the accurate coupling of glass and a tilting table where to seal the units. The productivity and floor space needed are respectively 1500 units/weeks, 7,8mt (COMPACT), 2000 units/weeks, 10,5mt (COMPACT-PLUS) and 2500 units/weeks, 10,5mt (COMPACT-PREMIUM)

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